daniel mathke

Daniel Mathke


Previous professional experiences that are relevant to the Almanac concept
Apprenticeship to Salesman, Apprenticeship to Service (Bar, Rest), Training in Leadership and competent Communication, Wifi Training as Sommelier with extra Training as sparkling Connaisseur, Practical experience in Team Leading, Assistant- and Deputy Management in Restaurants

Personal task / Role behind the Plantforward concept?
Selling the vegetarian options on the menu and find the best choice of drink (could be juice as well)

Favorite purveyor of
Nothing specified

How would your best friends describe you? 3 adjectives
Ambitious, Thoughtful, Curious

Favourit drink ever

Personal favourit from the Donnersmarkt Bar Menu

What do you particularly like about Vienna?
The many spaces for people to relax, the green areas, like parks and alleys

Personal tip for an extraordinary Vienna experience, Almanac style?
Going for a walk in the Schloss Schönbrunn seeing the many wells, up to the Gloriette, and also through the oldest Zoo in Europe.


alcron prague restaurant andreas

Andreas Alexander Mahl

Executive Chef